Thanks to all who came out for our Thanksgiving meal

Posted by Yoje in Community Discussion 14 hours ago

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal on the Minecraft server, thanks to all who attended and shared their thanks for mundane things such as food and women.

PSA Being the trend-setter I am, we will be hosting Thanksgiving over Colby's grave from here on out. That is all.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Events!

Posted by Yoje in Minecraft 4 days ago
This Friday, we'll be belatedly celebrating both Canadian and American Thanksgiving, so please stop by at 9pm central for a formal meal and subsequent events.

Come celebrate with us!

MC Server Back Online!

Posted by Colbydude in Minecraft 1 week ago
I'm glad to announce that a month and $225 in repairs later, our server is back online! Access to the previous temp-map will be implemented tomorrow to move over any builds.

Hold tight though, we've got some exciting announcements on the way. See you next time!

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