Thanksgiving Dinner and Events!

Posted by Yoje in Minecraft 1 day ago
This Friday, we'll be belatedly celebrating both Canadian and American Thanksgiving, so please stop by at 9pm central for a formal meal and subsequent events.

Come celebrate with us!

MC Server Back Online!

Posted by Colbydude in Minecraft 4 days ago
I'm glad to announce that a month and $225 in repairs later, our server is back online! Access to the previous temp-map will be implemented tomorrow to move over any builds.

Hold tight though, we've got some exciting announcements on the way. See you next time!

Please consider DONATING. http://voidteam.net/donate

Seriously, donate.

Cyberdating on VoidTeam

Posted by Yoje in News and Updates 3 weeks ago
VoidTeam is a friend and community building platform, not a dating platform. Please refrain from –

White knighting
Excessive/explicit flirting
Gender-specific comments about yourself or towards others

VoidTeam is rare in that it hosts a balance of genders and sexualities. We intend to preserve the integrity of VoidTeam as a gender-neutral space to prevent unhealthy relationships and subsequent drama from developing, which has plagued our community for the better part of a year.

While we respect the existing relationships that formed off of VoidTeam, any relationship and subsequent drama that develops between two individuals who first met on VoidTeam will result in punishment for both parties.

Our Staff can and will punish any violation of these rules.

If you have any questions/comments regarding this new policy, please make a comment under this post. We hope to facilitate open discussion about what this means for individuals concerned. We will clarify any details and/or examples as best we can.

Thank you for your cooperation,