VoidTeam Relaunches Monday!

With the upcoming reopening of the VoidTeam Minecraft Server (VoidCraft) on August 1st, 2016, the VoidTeam Staff would like to update all returning players with the upcoming changes that were made throughout the server. We hope that this list of changes will allow you to prepare for the upcoming relaunch.


Upon restart of the server, all build skill ranks will be reset back to 1. This is to make sure that the server will have a fresh clean start, and in order to reinforce the new grading policy of build rank promotions. Currently in development, server players will be able to vote on another’s ability to build. VoidTeam Staff also now have new guidelines that help determine whether a player should be allowed to continue to rank up. These guidelines focus on depth, detail, layout, landscaping, and block choice. Veteran and highly skilled members will be able to skip skill ranks and will work as follows: a 1 build skill can jump up to a 4. A 4 can jump up to a 6. From there, each rank must be obtained one at a time. Fly is also now available who are able to reach the 5th build rank.

We are also introducing a new build rank, Architect. The role of an architect is to be obtained by players that are dependable for completing builds that the server needs in order to grow. This may vary from spawns to PVP arenas. The rank can be obtained by trusted, active VoidCraft players that have a build skill of at least an 8. Architect is not a staff rank; it is a build skill. Some building perks of Architect include creative mode, world edit, and region bypass.

Players will keep their community rank. Veterans now have access to /mute, and Loyal members have access to free /tpa. There is no longer /tp except for staff.

All in-game currency balances of players are also to be reset to the default balance. This is reset the economy of the server so that it may become more valuable.

Finally, a player is able to become a Mod by being hand-chosen by the current staff and will receive a staff application.

General Changes

One of the most major changes to the server, is that all the worlds have been completely reset. Along with this reset, no builds or items will be transferred with no exceptions.

There is a new 9-10 creative world. In this world, players of the appropriate rank are able to build anywhere they want.

There is a new survival PvP world. Here all is fair in war. No deaths will be fixed in this world, all Griefing is allowed, no builds can be or will be ranked. If you enter this world you take your own risk of your death.

There is also a new chat filter that will help emphasize the use for the VoidTeam After Dark area in the main spawn area. In this area, all chat is allowed, but once you leave the area, you are set under a chat filter where certain unwanted words are banned from use to the general public. This is to help VoidTeam create a place where friends are able to meet and have fun, and to help eliminate any potential drama.

There also been a general website overhaul. In this new and updated version, there is no longer a webchat, but we still encourage players to use the Discord that the community has actively been using throughout the time that the server has been down. Further website information will come at a later date as more features are implemented.

The server is also being held on a new, dedicated, server host in Montreal, Canada. This should help eliminate some latency and overall provide a better environment for VoidTeam members to experience.

Lastly, also in development, there will be an optional VoidTeam resource pack. This pack is currently being developed by BioSpiral and chucknorris1200 and will stay true to the vanilla textures.

See you on August 1st!

and the VoidTeam Staff