Player shops have been completely reworked from the ground up to create a more user-friendly and immersive experience. Here's how to get started.

Viewing Shops

Shopping Area

Shops are located at spawn. To get there use /spawn and walk forward to reach the shopping area. Admin Shops are marked by red and orange stalls selling a wide variety of items that are difficult to obtain at a premium.

Beyond Admin Shops, and on the floor above, is the main shopping area. There are 64 shops available for players to purchase for players to sell, or buy, items on the market. Use the /shoplist command to view list of shop plots available for purchase.

Buying a Shop

To buy a shop, you must be at least Community Rank Trusted and Build Skill 2. If you meet the requirements, simply use /buyshop <plot #> to buy the shop of your choice for $15,000 in-game. Once purchased, you are automatically given region access and can build the shop to your liking.

Setting Up a Shop

Each shop is a 5x5x5 plot that you can customize however you like. Though, you are limited to 4 chests per shop. In order to sell or buy more items, please buy another shop plot. We suggest theming your shop around what you're selling to easily attract customers.

To setup a chest for buying and selling, place a sign on the front chest in the following format:

Format Sign

for example:

Example Sign

The sign above will allow users to buy a stack of 64 stone at $250 in-game, and sell a stack of 64 stone to the shop for $100 in-game.

Additionally, you can setup a chest to only be buying, or only be selling just by specifying: B <price> or S <price> on the third line of the sign.

Shop Removal

There may come a point where you may no longer wish to use your shop. In order to re-open your shop plot for sale to other players just run /releaseshop <plot #>

After a long period of inactivity, staff may move your shop to another location to give other players shop plots that are more up-front. Staff will never forcefully remove an owned shop plot.

That pretty much covers everything regarding the new shops. So get to buying and selling to fuel the economy! An in-game book is available at the center of the shopping area containing everything in this post is also available. Remember, you can /vote to earn up to $2,250 every day!

The VoidTeam Staff

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